With 13+ years of experience creating stunning worlds in both AAA and Indie games I can help your project with Environment Art, Characters, Props, or any other Art Asset your game needs.

About the Artist

  • Fredrik is a highly experienced Senior Artist in the Games Industry with over 13 years of expertise.

    Throughout his career, He have contributed to both AAA and Indie titles, including renowned games such as Far Cry, Wolfenstein and DOOM but also smaller titles like Main Assembly, and the upcoming Distant Bloom.

  • His skill set encompasses a broad range of abilities, including Level Design, Environment Art, Prop Art,
    Character Art, Shaders, and Textures.

    This diverse skill set allows him to excel in any task related to your game.

  • What sets Fredrik apart is his passion for games and desire to be involved in the big picture while also delving into the intricate details that truly bring a story to life.

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Want my help?

Get in touch: Fredrik@ChonkyTriangle.com